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of Simonton Farms
Puppies are $600-$700
For information on size,ear set(most ears come up)
and leg length of each individual puppy
call or email us.
Toys are from 6-10lbs. Minis are 10-18lbs

Award for



We reserve the right
to withold sale to
Please call for updated pictures.
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Deposits are non-refundable. If a
buyer is unreachable we reserve the
right to sell our puppy to another
buyer. We reserve the right to
withhold sale if any buyer shows
themselves to be an unfit owner in
our opinion.
MistyToo & Brubeck
May 3, 2019 litter
Tan and white Male
China Doll & Astroboy
July 1, 2019 litter
True Blue Merle Male TOY
Phoebe & Fred
June 23, 2019 litter
Blue Merle Male
McCarty's Hazel & McCarty's Tramp
Oct. 11, 2019 litter
male blue fawn tux
male black tri
McCarty's  Spicy & McCarty's  Marvel
Nov. 21, 2019 litter
male black tri
McCarty's Tramp Sire of the litter
McCarty's Hazel, mother(dam)
McCarty's Spicy, mother(dam), on a lazy Sunday
McCarty's Marvel Sire of the litter
McCarty's ChaCha & McCarty's Wayne
Dec. 20, 2019 litter toys
male black tri small toy
male lemon small toy
McCarty's Clementine & McCarty's Wayne
Dec. 6, 2019 litter toys
female lemon Toy
McCarty's Molly & McCarty's Wayne
Dec. 20, 2019 litter Tiny
male black &white toy
"Tiny Tank"
male black &white small toy
"Tiny Twinkle Toes"
female choc. tri tiny toy
Please ask for pictures of our new
We now have Chocolates,
merles,minis, toys,and tiny toys.