Type "A"
Type "B"
Rat Terrier Types
There are two different Rat Terrier
body types. Different organizations
refer to them in different ways.
The first and most common is the type
"A", which has a square shaped body
when viewed from the side.
The distance from the top of the
shoulders to the ground, and from the
tail to the shoulders should be about
the same.
This body type is considered by UKCI
a classic "type A" Rat Terrier, and a
"Rat Terrier" by UKC.
The second type is the type "B", and is
not as common as the type "A". This
type appears longer in body than tall
when viewed from the side, with the
perfect height to legth ratio being
This body type is considered a type
"B" Rat Terrier by UKCI, and a
"Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier" by
The classic type "B" or
"Teddy Roosevelt"
The classic type "A"
Rat Terrier Sizes
Rat Terriers come in three basic sizes with
few exceptions.
"Standard" between 18 and 25lbs.
"Miniture" between 10 and 18lbs.
"Toy" 10lbs. and under.
Some Rat Terrier associations have
"Giant" which is 25lbs and up, and
"Tiny Toys" or "Tiny Tots" which are
6lbs. and under.
Rat Terrier Sizes & Types