"Our website service that we use to
update our site is being retired
March 31, 2021. After this date we
will not be able to make site
updates until we complete the
switch to our new service.

Please follow us on our
Instagram for updates. We hope
to have our new site complete by
the Summer or Fall. "
McCarty's Rat Terriers
of Simonton Farms
Est. 1983
email us at
Sidney & puppy
We specialize in the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier, AKA type
"B" rat terrier. We do have some type"A" Rat Terriers.
They are U.K.C.I., U.K.C., and  A.K.C.registered
(Genetic tests done w/ Embark,Gen-sol & O.F.A.)
McCarty's Rat Terriers of
Simonton Farms is located in
Florida between Ocala and
Gainesville, in the rolling hills of
horse country.
We specialize in the short-legged
"type B", Rat Terrier, also known
as Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terriers or
the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier.
Cell Phone: (352) 812-2649
Phone: (352) 591-2271
Susan & Sid McCarty
~ Our Family ~
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Roosevelt websites!!
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Our Rat Terriers are registered in
UKCI, UKC, and now AKC!!
Please note we are registering our
puppies with UKCI and AKC at this
The short-legged Rat Terrier is now
referred to as the Teddy Roosevelt
Terrier and has been accepted into
Foundation Stock Service
We are offering face to face ground
shipping. Call about pricing and to
see if you will be on our route.
*corona-19 is effecting any
shipping at this time
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Our Rat Terriers are PLL tested
and have been found to be clear by
Gen-sol Labs
Which is accepted by OFA
Call for details
July 11,2018