Information Page
Guarantee, face to face shipping*, health certification,
PLL testing, shot and worming schedule, list of A1
quality foods and vitamins, and our free consultation
We do not ship by air unattended. What this means is
that we fly with your puppy. We also ground ship. I or
one of my family members personally drive the puppy
to you. We prefer you come directly to our home so we
meet each other:) It is understandable that some
people cannot come here personally so this is why we
offer a face to face shipping program.
Prices may vary.*see additional fees below
Health Certification
In the state of Florida, it is required by law that all dogs
sold in the state have a Florida Agriculture Health
Certificate filled out by a FL. licenced Vet.
Also, no pup can leave it's mother before 8 weeks of age.
Food and Vitamins
Small Breed Eukanuba
NuVet vitamins
To order: 1(800)474-7044  or
Use Code #44734
Our Care
Our moms always get a premium dog food such as Eukanuba and
other quality foods and Nu-vet vitamins throughout their
pregnancy and during lactation.
We keep a schedule
/chart, recording every little thing that is done
beginning at birth.
Dewormings are done at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks old.  We use strongid-t,
then panacur
(this schedule may vary)
Our shots begin between 4-6 weeks of age. We use Dr. Page's
ground breaking Neo-Par vaccine between 4 and 6 weeks.
Bordetella is given to the mom at 7th week of gestation and to her
babies at 4 and 8 weeks of age.  A 5-1 vaccine is given during the
health check. Our vet  Dr. Jennifer Embury D.V.M. , do
es all vet
checks (Health Cert. as mentioned above).
We have two other vets we do use at times. We continue to provide
the best possible care to our puppies until they leave to go to their
new homes.  Please feel free to ask any questions you like about
our care and animal husbandry philosophy.
We do NOT breed dogs that are carriers of PRIMARY LENS
LUXATION. We test for PLL. When you look on the Little
Ladies and the Little Gentlemen pages you can see their status.
Ask for additional information
There are many different distinctions as listed below
  • PLL clear means that dog itself has been tested
  • PLL clear by parentage means both of that particular dogs
    parents are clear therefore their offspring is clear
  • PLL clear by one parent means the dog is clear on one side
    and can not be positive for PLL
  • PLL clear by one parent and by one grandparent means
    that either the sire or dam is clear  and on the other side of
    the pedigree(family tree) one grandparent is clear
  • Let me stress this AGAIN we will never knowingly breed a
    carrier and are just now 4/29/15 finishing up our testing to
    have an one hundred percent PLL clear kennel
  • Please note we use Gen-sol to test located in Orlando. Our
    dogs that we tested through OFA are now under Teddy
    Roosevelt Terriers. As of 7/29/17 we are transferring our
    type "B" rat into AKC as Teddy Roosevelts after they are in
    we will then list all of our testing under both Rat  Terrier
    and Teddy Roosevelt Terriers depending on them being
    type As or Bs.
We are now in the process of testing for DM 2018-2019.
We will update as results come in.
*Shipping and boarding fees may vary
Shipping fees vary with hours spent,distance,and hotels.
pups who stay for extended periods of time may be charged
a boarding fee